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Building Extension

The project for the extension of the Blackburn Gurdwara was initiated in 2019. The layout design was finalised with the involvement of the Sangat and submitted to the Council in August 2019. Various reports, as required by the council were also submitted during the course of discussions to get the plans approved. Due to Lockdown, the progress was very slow as all the council staff was working from home, so the coordination of various Engineering departments was difficult.

The approval finally came in June 2021. The final plans were then sent for Structural, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Fighting drawings. Most of the drawings have been completed and are being sent with the scope of work to the building contractors.

In the meantime, the Building Extension committee (BEC) has been formed and consists of the following members.

Rajinder Singh Theti – Architect

Davendra Singh Bedi

Teja Singh

Sukhwant Singh

Manmeet Kaur Verma – Legal adviser

Reshu Arora

Taranjot Kaur Gulati

Gurpreet Singh

Harmick Singh Matharu

A.P. Singh – Representing Committee.

Rajinder Minhas – Representing Committee

BEC (Building Extension Committee) will take over the project now from the contractor selection process till the completion stage.

The SGNSS committee in the meantime is relocating offices, library, shoe room etc and disconnecting the services away from the site of demolition and construction and relocating it to new locations. This work is likely to finish by the time Gurdwara sahib is ready to open after lockdown. There might be slight disruptions during the opening time, but efforts will be made to make the place comfortable and safe while in operation.

BEC will be constantly updating the members of SGNSS and the Sangat of the progress of the project and any important details via E-mails, social media, announcements in the Gurdwara and notices on the notice boards. We request all requiring notifications to give their email id and mobile number to Gurpreet Singh.

We will keep the members of SGNSS and the Sangat fully informed about the further progress through Gurdwara announcements, Notice board and mainly thru our website. So please be visit the website for our updates.