KPS Policies and Procedures

KPS Policies and Procedures

Khalsa Punjabi School was established in November 1995 under Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha’s patronage located at Blackburn. The objective of the school will be the promotion of Punjabi language and its teaching to the students who may be interested in learning the language, irrespective of their ethnic background. School conducts the Punjabi classes every Sunday at the precinct of SGNSS, Blackburn for the past 13 years from 10.15-1.00pm. The school is able to meet the growing need of community with the help of dedicated teaching staff,

and the help of SGNSS management committee. We have seen an increased awareness amongst the Sikh community towards the learning of Punjabi language. Regular classes started this year on the first week of February, with a total of 104 students being enrolled at the beginning of this year at four different levels. Most of the students from last year were promoted to the next grade, at the same time new students were enrolled in the lower grades.

The structure of the school does consist of the School Board, Principal, teaching staff and SGNSS. The board is an autonomous body and mainly responsible to run the school with consists of five honorary members with sound understanding of Punjabi language and culture.

One eminent educationist with teaching/research experience at tertiary institution of higher learning

Principal of the school

Recognised school teacher

Parent – elected by the parents of the students of the school

Representative of SGNSS management committee

The duties of school board will be to appoint the principal and teachers, assist with the curriculum developments, workout discipline procedures for the staff and students and to approve the budget for the school as well as its day to day expenses. The current board members for the school are Mrs. Dilpreet Jaswal (Principal & Co-ordinator), Mr Darshan Singh, Mrs. Gurbir Mudher, Mrs Kerpal Kaur and Gurmit Singh Suri.

The board following a proper selection procedure keeping in view the selection criteria shall appoint the Principal and Teaching staff. The Principal will be the key functionary of the school and will his/her duty to liaise with the teachers and students. He/she will keep attendance and enrollment records, establish assessment and examination procedure, implement and maintain discipline guidelines and liaison with parents of the students regarding school term dates, class timings and students progress.


All the students are required to have to fill an enrolment form to record their details. (Attached enrolment form)


Whole school assembly will be held regularly on Sundays before the student goes into their classroom. It is important to create a sense of unity, relaying information, recognition of student work and positive behavior.

Attendance Roll

The teacher in charge maintains the attendance register. The students enrolled are listed alphabetically with their names & family names. Roll is marked once where the absentees are marked with red pen. Information regarding the student’s absence can be conveyed personally to the teacher by phone call or by written note from parents. Irregular attendance that concerns the class teacher should be reported to the Principal for follow up.

Absence Staff

Any teacher who will be absent must phone principal before hand so the Principal gets enough time to organise a replacement.

Care of School Property

We take pride in our school, the classroom & equipment. Students are expected to respect all the school facilities both outside & inside the classroom by not defacing or damaging the school property.

Class Room tidiness & Safety

Teachers have to leave room as tidy as possible at the end of the class. Teacher has to closely monitor the care of the furniture, particularly the tabletops. Teacher should ensure that children do not rock back on their chairs to prevent any back injury. Teachers should make arrangements for appropriate supervision of the students when class is unattended.


At the end of second and fourth term Exams is taken on the base of exam performance. A report card for each student is made (Attach report card here). On Parents Teacher meeting the report card is handed over to the parents to make them aware with the performance of their child in the class.

First Aid Procedures

A qualified first aid staff member nominated by the School Board manages the First aid kit in the school. The teacher on duty also has basic first aid equipment.

Grade Placement & Student Selection

Many factors are considered each year in deciding on the placement of student in various grades. The following factors are put into consideration before assigning the grade.

  1. Age of the student
  2. Individual student need & behavior
  3. Academic ability & range

In some cases parent’s request is also considered.

Home Work

The main emphasis on homework is at speaking the language at home with their friends & family members.

Lesson Planning

Teacher has to plan the lesson before hand. It is a teacher’s responsibility to make maximum use of the time and to ensure that students make satisfactory progress during sessions.

Missing Children

If any child is missing from the class Principal must be reported immediately. If child is not found straight away then the parents must be notified.

Parent teacher Interview/ Meeting

Several opportunities are provided each year for parents to meet with teacher to discuss their children’s progress & other issues. Teachers are encouraged to discuss problems or complain with parents at any time.

School Excursions

School excursions are held once in a year depending upon the parent’s request & students interest.

School Function

At the end of 4th term a school function is held which is organised by the school staff and students. In this function prizes are distributed for best performance in studies & other cultural activities.


The calendar and yearly timetable for school terms, Parents-teacher interview and other activities should be distributed to students at the beginning of each year and regularly updated.