Kirtan School

Gurbani Kirtan School

Gurbani/Kirtan School has been successfully running for the past 3 years. The school aims at giving an opportunity for children, youth and adults to learn most valuable skills of Kirtan singing of Gurbani in classical music Ragas and playing of Harmonium (Waja) and Tabla taught by qualified and experienced music teachers employed by SGNSS. It also provides for the learning of Paath/Gurbani and Sikh values. This indeed is a highly commendable project to benefit our younger generation and promote our traditional/cultural values in line with the multicultural/multi-faith policies of Australia.

The school operates weekend classes on Saturdays and Sundays to give families a choice of day that suits them best. Gurbani classes are held in the gurudwara building, next to the office. Saturday classes between 1 pm to 4 pm are sectioned into 3 sessions and Sunday classes run from 1 pm to 3 pm are sectioned into 2 sessions to cater for various small groups according to age/ability and learning standards. Students are given ample opportunity to perform on the Gurdwara stage to gain confidence and receive Guruji’s blessings and of Saadh Sangat in the congregation on special Gurpurab’s programmes. This is a golden opportunity for your children 5 years and not to be missed out on. Please come forward and enrol your children A.S.A.P to take part in the forthcoming special event of the 300th Anniversary of Sri Granth Sahibji in October.

The school runs as per Victorian school terms and school holidays. You have a choice to attend on Saturday or Sunday. A Token fee of $30 per term for children and $50 for Adults or individual class $ 100 per month is your contribution towards this noble cause. Teachers’ salaries and all other costs are subsidised and paid by SGNSS. Any donations of cash/prizes to encourage children’s efforts are very welcome from members of Sangat/Community. Any financial hardship cases/ newly arrived migrants get a free exemption. And Gurbani/Paath classes are complimentary.

“Kalyug mein Kirtan Pradhanah”

In the present times, ONLY Kirtan is supreme

With the blessing of Waheguru jee, the managing committee of Gurudwara Sahib Blackburn has endeavoured to invite Bhai Maninder Singh from India to help and elevate our Kirtan School. Singh sahib is a renowned teacher & exponent of Gurbani and Kirtan with more than 10 years experience and has already trained thousands in this divine art.

We now have the privilege of having Bhai Maninder Singh here in Blackburn, and we hope that his presence will take the Kirtan school to the next level and to replicate his recent success of starting a Kirtan academy in Singapore. 

Do not miss this great opportunity to avail his expertise. He will be conducting regular workshops and classes for :

– Children and adults who already have knowledge of kirtan and want to further improve

– Children and adults who want to learn kirtan from the basics 

You are also requested to spread the word among your friends and family so all can enjoy the benefits of this opportunity.

If you are interested, please fill online Registration Form to enroll in Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Blackburn. 

For further information please contact:
Co-Ordinating Director
Amardeep Singh Batra
Kirtan Teacher
Bhai Maninder Singh Ji

OR See Us In Classroom Saturday/Sunday