KPS Enrolment Form

Ethnic School Enrolment Form




    Is your child


    An Australian citizen/Permanent resident?:

    A full-fee paying international student?:


    Is your child currently enrolled at another community language school to learn the same language?:

    Privacy Collection Notice - Protecting your privacy and sharing information

    The information about your child and family collected through this enrolment form will only be shared with school staff who need to know to enable the community language school and Department of Education and Training (Department) to educate or support your child, or to fulfil legal obligations including duty of care, antidiscrimination law and occupational health and safety law. The information collected will not be disclosed beyond the Department without your consent, unless such disclosure is lawful. For more about information-sharing and privacy, see the Department’s privacy policy at:


    Accident Declaration

    In the event of illness or injury to my child whilst at the school, or an excursion, or travelling to or from the school, authorise the Principal or senior staff member in-charge of my child, where it is impractical to communicate with me, to consent to emergency medical arrangements on my behalf as are deemed necessary by a qualified medical practitioner, such consent includes anaesthesia or blood transfusion and operations.

    Parent/Guardian Privacy Consent and Declaration

    I confirm that the information provided on this enrolment form is true and correct and I acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of enrolment accompanying this enrolment form. I consent to:

    • the collection of my child’s health and personal information by the community language school.

    • the community language school disclosing my child’s personal information contained in this enrolment form to the Department of Education and Training for data verification and funding purposes.

    • the Principal or teacher (where the Principal or teacher in charge is unable to contact me) to administer such first
      aid to my child as the Principal or staff member may consider to be reasonably necessary including disclosing personal and health information to professional third parties in the event of a medical emergency.