KPS History & Achivements

KPS History & Achivements

Khalsa Punjabi School was established in November 1994 at Blackburn, Victoria to fulfill the needs of Punjabi and Sikh Community. It was the first After hour Ethnic Punjabi School for the students around Melbourne. The school started with a hand full of students and slowly the number started to increase. Khalsa Punjabi School has its own Library on campus with a large number of books, dictionaries, journals, CDs, Audio Cassettes and other multimedia equipment. Khalsa Punjabi School has actively participated in the community programs

to promote cultural diversity within the school community and multi cultural community in Melbourne. Khalsa Punjabi School has participated in the Essay Competition hosted by SBS Australia on Multiculturalism in Australia. A number of school students participated in the competition and won First, Second and third prices in different age groups in a grand ceremony at University High School in Parkville.

Khalsa Punjabi School students have also participated in the exhibition held at Doncaster Civic Centre by Soka Gakai Association of Victoria. Children made paintings and scathes on multicultural Australia. This Association is organizing another information session on Environmental awareness by displaying projects prepared by many Ethnic School students in near future. The school students will again participate in the function. The school has also contributed in “Indian Smoke-free Festival” which was held at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne by performing a colorful Indian dance. Students have enjoyed performing and at the same time visited an exhibition on cultural diversity at the museum.

Growing demand of Punjabi Language in Victoria and keen interest of students at all levels prompted the management of Khalsa Punjabi School to initiate the process of accreditation of Punjabi Language as a LOTE in Victorian Schools. The process was although started by the school; it was only possible with the active support of major Punjabi and Sikh Organizations of Victoria and around Australia. With lot of efforts and dedication by Khalsa Punjabi School Management, Punjabi has been approved and accredited by the Department of Education in Victoria. The school staff has been involved in designing Study Design of Punjabi Language in association with LOTE manager of VCAA. Punjabi language will be implemented in Victorian Schools from year 2005.

Khalsa Punjabi School is fully prepared to serve the needs of VCE students learning Punjabi as second language from year 2005. 

Khalsa Punjabi School staff regularly attends the activities for their performance development offered by Department of Education and Training. These sessions helps to develop a good teaching and learning environment for teachers and students.