Visiting the Gurudwara guidelines

In the interest of upholding respect for Guru Granth Sahib ji and maintaining a peaceful and a pleasant environment for the visitors of Gurudwara Sahib, all persons entering the Blackburn Gurudwara Sahib are required to abide by the following Guidelines.

We thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines and making the visit to Gurudwara premises a pleasant experience for all.

Guidelines for visiting the Gurudwara Sahib premises

Remove your shoes and wash your hands

– Please remove your shoes and store them on the racks provided in the Shoe room before entering the Gurudwara building

– Separate footwear are to be worn in the washrooms which are provided near the washroom doors.

– Please wash your hands in the hand washing facility provided in the Shoes room.

Dress Appropriately

– Please dress gracefully and appropriately to be able to sit comfortably on the floor in the Darbar Hall and Langar Hall.

– Low hanging trousers, shorts, short skirts, short tops and similar clothing are not appropriate.

– Please do not wear clothing which may be offensive to other attendees.

Cover your head

– You must cover your head when entering the Gurudwara building.

– Hats and Caps are not allowed.

– Patkas and Scarfs are available in the Shoes room if you need them.

Strictly prohibited in the Gurudwara premises

– Alcohol (Presence or Consumption

– Tobacco and Smoking

– Meat or Meat Products

In the Darbar Hall

–  Mobile phones are to be switched off or in Silent mode. 

– After “Metha Tek” (Bowing before Guru Granth Sahib ji), please sit on the floor in the sitting area facing the Guru Granth Sahib ji. 

– Chairs are provided in the Darbar Hall for persons who are genuinely not able to sit on the floor due to medical reasons. 

– It is customary for males and females to sit on the opposite sides of the hall, please sit accordingly.

– Please avoid all unnecessary talk and movement.

– Please receive the “Karah Parshad” with both hands, and please request for a lesser amount that you can consume to avoid any wastage.

– Please sit in the main sitting area of the hall. The area behind the Guru Granth Sahib ji is for persons performing the duties.

– Parents are requested to kindly mind the children in the Darbar hall to ensure a peaceful environment for the Sangat.

In the Langar Hall and Kitchen

– Do not crowd passage ways.

– Follow guidelines for returning of used plates and washing hands.

– Do not waste food. Please request less for children.

– Please assist in reducing wastage of food, water, electricity, gas and other resources.

– All Sewa in the Kitchen and Langar hall is supervised by the Langar sewadar and the Committee member in charge of Langar.

– You are welcome to assist in the preparation of Langar, Serving, Cleaning up of premises and washing of dishes and utensils.

– Please wash your hands before commencing any sewa in the Langar hall or in the Kitchen.

– Packing of Langar for home – please confirm with Langar sewadar to ensure that there is enough Langar for the Sangat in the Gurudwara.

Programs and Payments

– Please contact the Gurudwara supervisor to sponsor a program at the Gurudwara or at home.

– The Gurudwara supervisor will organise and provide with all the necessary details for sponsoring programs. 

– Please ask for a receipt for the payments made at the cashier’s office for sponsoring of programs or donations.

Other important guidelines

– Please do not interfere with the duties being performed by the Granthi ji, assistant Granthi ji, Ragi Jatha, and the Committee Members.

– All announcements in the Gurudwara premises are made under the directions of the Management Committee and by persons approved by the Committee.

– Please do not use the microphone for making any public announcements without the Committee approval.

– Display or distribution of information (e.g., flyers for an event etc) or sale of merchandise (e.g., Books, CD’s etc) to the Sangat require prior Committee approval.

– Collection of donation or Sangat’s personal information is prohibited unless approved by the Committee.

The SGNSS Committee.

Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha