With the efforts of the Management of Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha, the library (Sri Guru Hargobind Library) was started in the present room in 1995. There were not so many books in the library. Books were purchased and donated by the prominent people. Books and other material is added to the collection of the library each year.

Sri Guru Hargobind Library is a vital and essential part of the services provided to the member of Australian community by Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha
Its main aims are to :-
 • Facilitate access to and borrowing of books on Sikhism, History of Punjab, both in English and Punjabi
 • Provide books on Poetry, Literature, Fiction and other subjects in Punjabi for reading and borrowing.
 • Provide access to and borrowing of children books to the children.
 • Promote dissemination of kirtan and katha through loans of, CDs, VCDs ,DVDs and MP3 discs
 • Provide access to Reference materials and magazines
 • Provide a facility for quiet reading and research
 • Record and copies of CDs and MP3s of visiting Ragi Jathas’ renditions make available to the community members.
 • Support the curriculum needs of the Punjabi Language Classes held by Khalsa Punjabi School or other Punjabi language school in eastern region.

Library is open to all members of Australian community
Tuesday9am – 5pm
Wednesday11am – 8pm
Thursday9am – 5pm
Friday9am – 5pm
Saturday9am – 5pm
Sunday9am – 2pm


127 Whitehorse Road,
Blackburn, VIC – 3130
Follow the footpath around the building with signs directing you to the Library.

Phone No:
+61 (03) 9894 18 00

If anyone want to research on Sikhism and history he can contact the Librarian on 0433554637. The librarian can open the library for him/her by appointment.


Librarian: Veerinder Singh
(M.Lib &Info Sc), M.A.(Philosophy & Punjabi), B.Sc.
Associate Member of ALIA
Volunteer – 2 Volunteer work on Sunday to support library services.


When the library was first opened, record of the books was kept in register. Borrowing of books was also done in register. After few months Library Software called “BOOKMARK” developed by the ‘Department of Education and Child Development’ of Government of South Australia was purchased and introduced. All record, old and new was computerised. Now all record is on computer, lending and returning is also done by library management system.


The library has an impressive collection of books from various well known authors.
Our book collection is divided into the following sections:-
An ADULT SECTION which has both Fiction and Non-Fiction books in Punjabi and English. We have more than 3100 titles in our collection.
A CHILDREN’s SECTION with about 500 titles both in English and Punjabi.
A REFERENCE SECTION which has an extensive list of Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias on Sikhism and other general reference books both in English and Punjabi.
We also have a small collection of books written in the Hindi language.

Newspapers and Magazines:
The following magazines are received in the library
The Sikh ReviewMonthly
Abstracts of Sikh StudiesQuarterly
Sewa JotiMonthly
Sikh PhulwariMonthly
Gurmat ParkashMonthly
These are read widely by members as well as our overseas students


There are more than 7500 items in the library
The library houses nearly 1200 CDs and VCDs DVDs and MP3 Discs.
There are more than 500 items relating to Children section.
There are about 100 active members of the library. There is membership fee for the library which is $10 per Year from Jan to Dec
The books and other material is given on loan to only the members of the library, but anyone can come and read in the library when the library is open.
Books 28 days
Magazines (Past issues only) 14 days
All audio visual material (CDs, DVDs, MP3 discs and VCDs)= 14 days
Members can borrow up to 4 items only. Maximum of 1CD, 1VCD and 1 DVD
and 1MP3 disc can be borrowed at any one time with books.


If any item is lost or damaged the borrower must report the loss or damage to the librarian. If after 2 weeks the material is not found the borrower will be responsible for the replacement cost of the material including a processing charges of $5.00


 • The library is a place where the members of the community may come to do research or quiet reading as well as borrow and return items. It must therefore be conducive to study and provide a quiet atmosphere.
  Patrons are therefore requested to keep noise level at a minimum at all times.
• No food or drinks are to be brought into the library.
• Bags and cases may be brought into the library but these should be left with the librarian on duty.
• Mobile phone conversations should take place outside the library.
• Children should be assisted by the parents in the library

Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha