“Kalyug mein Kirtan Pradhanah”

In the present times, ONLY Kirtan is supreme

With the blessing of Waheguru jee, the managing committee of Gurudwara Sahib Blackburn has endeavoured to invite Bhai Satnam Singh from India to help and elevate our Kirtan School. Singh sahib is a renowned teacher & exponent of Gurbani and Kirtan with more than 30 years experience and has already trained thousands in this divine art.

We now have the privilege of having Bhai Satnam Singh here in Blackburn, and we hope that his presence will take the Kirtan school to the next level and to replicate his recent success of starting a Kirtan academy in Singapore.

Do not miss this great opportunity to avail his expertise. He will be conducting regular workshops and classes for :

– Children and adults who already have knowledge of kirtan and want to further improve

– Children and adults who want to learn kirtan from the basics

You are also requested to spread the word among your friends and family so all can enjoy the benefits of this opportunity.

For further information please contact:

Co-Ordinator: Jagmohan Puri
Kirtan Teacher Bhai Satnam Singh